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  • - Named as one of "The 100 Best Art Towns in America" by author John Villani
  • - "One of the World's 100 Most Beautiful Places." National Geographic, June 2013
  • - Located on the rugged beauty of the Oregon coast, 80 miles west of Portland

- A destination gallery in a serene seaside village where you can find bronze sculptures, original oils, fine art reproductions, art glass, and one-of-a- kind home décor. 
  • - Nestled in the heart of Sierra Nevada Mountains, this gallery is owned by 5 local artists
  • - Riverside Studios offers contemporary art from established & emerging artsits
BUCHANART Expands Distribution of Art
Through Three New Gallery Partnerships
Artist Peter G. Buchan, who pioneered the Chopstick Drip Painting method, has expanded his gallery partnerships in California and Oregon in response to the growing demand for gravity-fed original art. 

"The art business is always cyclical," explained Artrepreneur Marsinah Ramirez, managing partner of BUCHANART. "It's an up and down yoyo game, and the momentum is on the upswing with the expansion into 3 new galleries. We can't predict the future, but we are in it for the long haul, regardless of how the winds of art change."

BUCHANART will now be sold at three established, contemporary galleries: Primary Elements in Cannon Beach, Oregon; Artifacts Gallery in Cambria, California and Riverside Studios in Truckee, California. Collectors wishing to purchase Chopstick Drip Art can contact these galleries or visit the company's online store that offers limited new pieces. 

Buchan & Ramirez are co-preneurs of BUCHANART, a family business with a mission to promote art and evolve Chopstick Drip Art by teaching established artists this unique method.